I have been utilizing dry-cut metal circular saws just like the brand-new Skilsaw Dry Cut Metal Saw for a couple of years now, mainly for ten-gauge steel sheets in addition to for a pair of customized jigs; I utilize with steel tubing. I use my horizontal bandsaw for the bulk of my 90º cuts. The bandsaw is a sluggish cutting tool and it takes a while to obtain various angles efficiently service. So I break out my Ridgid rough metal chop saw when it pertains to 45º angles or when I have plenty of cuts to do, and I'm pushed for time.

I have had the very same abrasive chop saw for about eight years, and although it's faster than my bandsaw, it's hard to obtain regularly precise cuts, and nearly hurt to shave a piece down by a blade width. Cutting ability modifications as the leaf use down, and it leaves the cut filled with burrs that have to be tidied up with a mill before being set out for welding.

Dry-cut off saws, on the different hand, are as accurate as a basic miter saw cutting a line on a 2 × 4, willing you with a tidy edge and maintaining cutting capability as the blade breaks.

First Impressions
I was delighted to see the Diablo Cement blade. I have made lots of scratching with the 8-inch variety of this blade in my Skilsaw Hooligan, and it's the most exceptionally permanent dry-cut blade I have utilized on metal.

The Skilsaw SPT62MTC-22 sits firm and level on its five rubber feet and the fence/clamp system pretty stout compared with my abrasive saw. I  saw the wall angle could be changed easily without tools, unlike lots of other saws in this class that needs a separate tool to release up and repair the fence angle. That's a useful function.

Metal chop saws all have an incredibly narrow table, and steel is quite thick, so without extra assistance, it can get challenging to hold your piece flat while you settle it in. Although this role appears absurd when you go to make your very first cut on a 24-foot stick of steel, it's quite helpful when you're dealing with a 5-foot or much shorter piece, and you have no extra help close.

The SPT62MTC-22 likewise has a couple of security functions that are subtle, however, worth discussing: a trigger lock and a chip guard. I like security services that aren't large and do not slow you down throughout common usage. The trigger lock slides in both instructions, so it's simple to utilize with your right or left hand-- well done!

The chip guard runs out the method when you do not require it, however, comes down with the blade to protect your eyes from roaming metal particles. Needless to state, you ought to still use shatterproof glass anytime you utilize a chop saw.

A real, deep chip collector is put at the back of the saw. Because dry saws do not create the heat that abrasives do, you will not need to stress over slag gathering within.