The Westinghouse Consistency is a two blade fan with a brushed nickel cover and maple plywood blades that will arrange any room's design. It adds four fan speeds as well as a switch to convert the air flow. Its most affordable settings are incredibly efficient, moving as much as 10 percent more air per watt of energy.

The light fixture is made from frosted opal to give the fan some refinement and to withdraw the light from being severe. The light, as well as the other parts of the fan, comes with a two-year guarantee. The fan's motor includes a lifetime guaranty, making sure that you will have the strength to keep the fan for the long run.

The Westinghouse Consistency fan features a whisper quiet motor designed to execute the fan so quietly that you won't even recognize that it's there. Even on the greatest speed setting, you can just hear the noise of the air driving around your house. Some fans may establish clicking or other sounds with usage, but these can be fixed quickly.

The Westinghouse Consistency is intended to be as efficient as possible. The motor draws 53 watts on its greatest speed and moves 4,781 cubic feet of air per minute, giving it a 941 CFM per watt efficiency, though not as extremely useful as the Emerson Eco which has just 16.4 watts. Running the Westinghouse Harmony costs less than operating a basic lightbulb, making it a terrific green addition to any home.

Proper usage of a fan can minimize air conditioning expenses by as much as forty percent, making it a net benefit in regards to energy usage. The reversibility of the fan means you can use it to decrease heating costs in the winter season also.

The Westinghouse is a mid-range fan with an unexpected number of features, best-rated ceiling fansbut outdoors the bells and whistles discovered in more superior models. It's elegant, and refined design will permit it to fit in with the majority of décors, making it an excellent choice for anybody searching for a method to cool their house efficiently. The ability to change the fan for use in the winter months, along with the alternative to acquire a push-button control offers the Harmony the push it wants to bring it from being a great fan to an exemplary fan.

The Minka Aire Distressed Koa Ceiling Fan is a fantastic fan for cooling big room in a cabin or any home with a light, woodsy décor. Its powerful motor comes with a lifetime warranty and moves 6,580 cubic feet of air per minute, permitting it to cool even the biggest places. It features an integrated, dimmable, LED light to improve effectiveness.

The fan includes a push-button control that allows you to manage both the speed of the fan and the knowledge of the light, making it easy to personalize to changing temperature levels of the day. The remote can not reverse the fan for usage through the winter. A manual switch of the fan's motor allows you to modify the blades' movement. The fan does not proceed with a down rod, so you will have to offer one that fits the fan's visual when installing it on the ceiling.